The 1970 Anti-Militarization Protests in Domi Concordia, commonly referred to as the 1970 Hippie Protests, was a large-scale protest movement carried out by hippies throughout Domi Concordia in 1970.

1970 Anti-Militarization Protests

Hippie Movement Conflicts, Civil Unrest in Domi Concordia, Cold War




Various areas throughout Domi Concordia

  • Hippies being deported en masse
  • Domi Concordia furthering its militarization and weaponization
  • An increase in population for Primondia

Domi Concordia

Hippie Movement

  • Donald Rel Dey



Concordian Armed Forces

  • est. 80,000-130,000 law enforcers
  • est. 10,500 infantrymen
  • 3 tanks

Hippie Movement

  • est. 71,900 protesters


est. 132

The Protest

After the victory in the Concordian-Govindan War and support by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros, Domi Concordia began to fully integrate militant policies, ideas, and technologies, beginning to entirely transform its government and society. However, individuals whom identified themselves as hippies soon began protesting the move towards militarization. On Quintillitus, XXIV, a large gathering of hippies congregated in front of the Vaella Complex construction area, where the new national headquarters was being built. The government responded by deploying newly-militarized police to break apart the protest, which led in the deaths of over 50 protesters. Several other large groups sprung up across Concordia, which were all met with violent opposition by the Concordian government. In early Wintraend, 1970, the Concordian military began to round up any confirmed hippie and deport them en masse out of the nation. A large majority of the deported hippies traveled to Primondia, as it was one of the only nations that would not treat them disrespectfully, thus increasing the Primondian population by thousands. 

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