The 1974 Cyneture Hearings, also known as the 1974 Corporate Hearings on Cyneture Science and the Cyneture Hearings of '74, was a series of corporate hearings focused on the controversial and unethical conduct of Cyneture Science, regarding a series of tests and experiment endeavours the research corporation had initiated from 1968 to 1973. During the testimonies to the Corporatocracy of Harbitros, the Cyneture Maritime Complex was temporarily shut down by corporate intervention. The facility, however, reopened soon thereafter.

The Hearings

Testimony I

Junith II, 1974. Testimony given by an anonymous, former employee of Cyneture Science, accusing the research corporation of various scientific misconducts (ineffective safety equipment and lack thereof; little concern for safety protocols imposed by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros and the international scientific community), as well as unethical procedures (test subjects being under-prepared for their assigned experiments; physiological and psychological damage and malformations as after-effects and byproducts of tests and experiments; poor treatment of test subjects by other employees, specifically by administrators and researchers).

Testimony II

Junith VII, 1974. Testimony given by Jerome Clempton, a former test subject for Cyneture Science, providing evidence to back up the anonymous ex-employee's claims, as well as providing evidence on his self (displaying to the Vicarians various bodily wounds, malformations, and dysfunctions). 

Testimony III

Junith IX, 1974. Testimony given by Warren McDregg, a researcher for Carmine Valley Industries, accusing Cyneture Science of corporate espionage on CVI, providing various documents to prove his accusations.

Testimony IV

Junith XI, 1974. Testimony given by Pete Darshne, a former technician for Cyneture Science, supporting the claims made by the anonymous ex-employee and Jerome Clempton. Peter Darshne also stated that his prior occupation almost led to his untimely death numerous times, due to: failure to upkeep safety regulations (reiterating points made by the anonymous ex-employee); various unstable or volatile apparatus and machinery exposed sensitive and deadly components in maintenance-designated workspace; various, highly-spontaneous and unpredictable apparatus and machinery were not operated carefully and were, on occasion, pushed well beyond safety limits.


On Quintillitus IV, 1974, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros reached a verdict and fined Cyneture Science for $800 million, as well as temporarily hashing funding quantities. The Corporatocracy also oversaw safety reformation in the Cyneture Maritime Complex. During the hearings, the Corporatocracy had forced Cyneture Science to temporarily close down their headquarters, but a week after the verdict was reached it was clear to reopen.

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