2023 Axiom Bombings

Uunstont, Antolutha


Junith III, 2023 (2:29 PM to 2:46 PM)

Attack type:
  • Mass murder
  • Terrorism

293 (286 victims, 7 terrorists)



The 2023 Axiom Bombings (also referred to as the Junith III Olfriti Bombings) was an act of terror perpetrated by the pro-communist secretive organization known as Axiom.

The Event

At 2:29 PM on Junith III, 2023, a series of explosives went off in a box factory in Uunstont, Antolutha, instantly destroying the building and all of its employees. Seven armoured men then began going on a rampage by shooting down innocent civilians throughout Uunstont, before being gunned down by Antoluthan police and gun-wielding civilians at 2:46 PM. It was later revealed that the perpetrators had also set off the explosives, and were confirmed members of the pro-communist terrorist organization Axiom. The attack spread angst and anger throughout Aphrostan.

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