The 2027 Augmentation Riots were a series of civil unrest, riots, and protests orchestrated by the Concordian anti-transhumanism group Humanity Pure Movement, which formed as a coalition of smaller, similar-minded groups -- which had taken form shortly after biomechanical augmentations were to be released by Ekaj Autonetics International in Wintraend 2026. 

2027 Augmentation Riots
Augmentation Riots

Civil Unrest in Domi Concordia




Domi Concordia

  • Large amounts of property damage across Domi Concordia
  • Hundreds of people are incarcerated
  • Biomechanical augmentation imports into Domi Concordia are delayed

Humanity Pure Movement

Domi Concordia

  • Buzz Reksharr
  • Eli Vantos
  • Jaxson Philip Dunwall

Humanity Pure Movement

  • est. 72,000-101,600 rioters

Concordian Armed Forces

  • 67,500 law enforcers
  • 9,750 infantrymen
  • 15 tanks
  • 5 aircraft



The Riots

The first major demonstration of anti-progress by the Humanity Pure Movement took place on Penulber II, 2026 in Great Gimsby. The rioters set fire to a cargo warehouse and quickly attracted attention by local law enforcement, resulting in 80 arrests and one death. The riots and protests lasted until Baey VI, 2027, when Ekaj Autonetics International finally imported the augmentations as well as open an autonetic clinic -- which was delayed in WIntraend by the civil unrest -- crushing the morale of the majority of anti-transhumanists. 

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