2047 Insurrection of Tarquona

Tarquona, Eulumia


Brezniik III to Brezniik V, 2047

Attack type:
  • Mass murder
  • Terrorism
  • City takeover
  • Civil unrest



Extrema Caeli

The 2047 Insurrection of Tarquona, also known as the 2047 Tarquona Takeover, and the Extrema Caeli Tarquona Initiative, was a two-day initiative perpetrated by Extrema Caeli on the island city of Tarquona, Eulumia. It was initiated on the evening of Brezniik III, when a series of shootouts and explosions took place across the city. It was brought to an end on the morning of Brezniik V, when the Eulumian militia and the IU military finally overpowered the terrorists.

The Takeover

Approximately 7 PM on Brezniik III, 2047, a series of large explosion ignited in different locations in the Eulumian island city Tarquona. A number of bystanders were also gunned down by terrorists, before the city-wide communication systems (including intercoms, radios, and television) were hijacked by an anonymous spokesperson who identified himself as a member of Extrema Caeli, and took credit for the events that had just taken place. The spokesperson then warned the Tarquoanites to evacuate the city within the next twelve hours before more blood would be spilled. Within those twelve hours, approximately 650,000 of the 709,450 population had vacated the city, with the aid of the Tarquonan police department and a nearby legion of the Eulumian militia. Likewise, the Eulumian militia monitored all possible exit points of the city, being weary of the enemy presence in the abandoned location.

On the morning of Brezniik IV, with the population gone, the mercenary terrorists took to the streets, as well as Eulumian anarchists, and committed widespread vandalism and looting. The Corporatocracy of Harbitros, however, saw this as an opportune time to strike against several notable individuals in the Extrema Caeli hierarchy. A covert strike team composed of three HEA agents and two legionnaire mercenaries were secretly dispatched to Tarquona, without warning Eulumia or the Isteroxean Union. Throughout the night and following morning, the Harbians stealthily thwarted extrema mercs and took into custody Serisus Eisle and Arnus Yrnicker -- commanders -- before returning to Harbitros, completing their objective. The Harbian Eclipse Agency then relayed information that surveillance showed the Extrema Caeli personnel had lost their strong grip on the city. With this new information, the Isteroxean forces invaded the city, retaking it from the foreign clutches of the radical mercenary organization. After several hours of firefights, the last few perpetrators were arrested or killed. 


The 2047 Insurrection of Tarquona left the city with over $1.1 billion in property damage. Over 12,700 individuals lost their lives within the two days of the Tarquona takeover -- 4,369 of them being civilians and the rest being Isteroxean or extrema personnel. With over two thousand infantry either killed or captured, Extrema Caeli faced internal consequences. 

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