2048 Bellevue Hospital Attacks

Bellevue Memorial Hospital, Azuquista


Aeostril XVII, 2048

Attack type:
  • Mass murder
  • Structural burning

105 (82 victims, 23 perpetrators)


Extrema Caeli

The 2048 Bellevue Hospital Attacks, also referred to as the 2048 Azuquistan Attacks and the Attacks on Bellevue Memorial Hospital, was a terrorist attack seemingly executed by stateless military Extrema Caeli. The EC mercs killed 82 patients and staff alike. The hospital was then set ablaze and the remaining EC mercs vacated the scene or were killed by law enforcers as they fleed. It is unknown as to why Extrema Caeli perpetrated the attacks, but it was instantly met with disdain by the mainly the Isteroxean Union and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. The attacks, themselves, also caused the Mercenary Wars to intensify further.

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