2050 Icaconas Terrorist Attack

Endurance I, over the Zocuric Ocean, off of the coast of Rotowa


Quintillitus VII, 2050

Attack type:

Mass murder


72 victims


Extrema Caeli

The 2050 Icaconas Terrorist Attack, also known as the Destruction of Endurance I, was a terrorist attack perpetrated by the stateless military organization Extrema Caeli, in which they attacked an Icaconas-class aeryacht with Harbian tourists aboard as it journeyed from Vorennta to Rotowa. However, EC bombed the aership with a jet fighter, and destroyed the balloons holding the flying ship. The decks of Endurance I then collapsed onto a small island below, ending in the deaths of everyone aboard. Four months passed before the Corporatocracy could discover the wreckage, which had been lodged mostly underwater.


The central fin of Endurance I remains beached

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