2079 Carmine Valley Heist

Carmine Valley Research Centre, North Contoure, Harbitros


Solmonath I, 2079

Attack type:

Heist, shootout




Wendel and Sid Crayton

 The 2079 Carmine Valley Heist, also known as the Carmine Valley Shootout and the Prismbeam Heist, was a heist carried out by former Project Prismbeam physicist Wendel Crayton, and his grifter brother Sid Crayton. They successfully escaped the Carmine Valley Research Centre with dozens of experimental Project Prismbeam technologies and weapons.

The Event

Around 1:38 AM of Solmonath I, 2079, Wendel Crayton arrived to his daily shift, but with accompaniment from his ragged brother Sid. The security at Carmine Valley were skeptical of his brother's visit, but allowed him in due to Wendel's rank in Project Prismbeam. Approximately at 2:43 AM, however, the Crayton brothers loaded several containers with highly advanced and experimental laser and plasma weapons, and each wielded one for defense. Upon entering a room occupied by several scientists and a security guard, the Crayton brothers were confronted and asked where they were taking the weapons. After failing to deceive the inquirers, Wendel fired off a warning shot with his experimental laser weapon. The guard then demanded they surrender, and was consequently fired upon with the Prismbeam weaponry -- instantly killing him. The two brothers then hastily made their way to the nearest and easiest exit, as the facility began lockdown. As the brothers ventured to the surface of the facility, more security guards attempted to stop them, but were all subsequently wounded or killed by the highly lethal weaponry. Eclipse operatives present also attempted to stop them, but were met with powerful retaliation by Wendel and Sid.

After taking on several scientists as hostages, the guards and Eclipse agents allowed them to escape. As the hostages were released and the brothers ran into the desert with the stolen Prismbeam technology, the security at Carmine Valley began firing upon them, but then a highly advanced VTOL seemingly materalized in front of the brothers, and they boarded it. As it began to take off, Wendel was shot in the leg by one of the Eclipse operatives, but had already entered the fleeting VTOL. As quickly as it materialized, it vanished into thin air.


Project Prismbeam's senior members demanded their own working grounds after the events that took place on Solmonath I, 2079. The project feuded with Carmine Valley Industries for over two months. In Baey of 2079, the Corporatocracy finally accepted Projest Prismbeam's wishes, and construction began on Project Prismbeam's own private facility. Wendel and Sid Crayton became public enemies of the Corporatocracy, as well as wanted criminals in most of Harbitros' allied nations. Despite the global hunt for these two individuals, they have remained missing.

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