Assembly of Nine

A9 haha

Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbitros
Fiscal Patriarch Ray Paul

Concordian Flag Domi Concordia
Embattled Governess Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe

San locura 982150 San Locura
Grand Leader Enzo Takahashi

Machinish Flag2 Machinam
Prezidant Jacen Mano

Isteroxean Union Flag (New) Isteroxean Union
IU President Natali Khrystana
Prime Minister Akash Raju

Jelunia Flag Jelunia
Militänig Vandler Höff

Lishta Azia Flag Lishta Azia
Azian Highness Arro Ti

EspinthelaFlag2 Espinthela
President Helena de Souza

New Vaeulia Flag New Vaeulia
Prime Minister Miranda Kingshead

The Assembly of Nine (abbreviated as the A9 and A-9) is an international summit organization founded in 1995. It is composed of the nine most economically superior sovereign states on Junope. Every year between Lamenthrobust III to Lamenthrobust VIII, the leaders of each nation meet to discuss various topics, usually relating to global economics and social issues.

However, beginning in 2080, leaders from the Isteroxian Union, Eulumia, and Jelunia no longer showed up due to the worsening situation on Isterox. In 2083, after the dissolution of the IU, the occupations of Eulumia and Jelunia, and the absence of Espinthela's leader, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros formally suspended all further A9 meetings.

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