Basic information
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Domi Concordia
In service 1942-2064
Used by Domi Concordia, San Locura, Vorennta, Machinam, Primondia, Baeccan Syndicate, Northern Askersia, Eastern Askersia, Southern Askersia, Cadarus, Yappul, Jabia, Ariq, Jelunia, most of Aphrostan, numerous others
Production history
Designer Andy Scheizer
Designed 1939-1942
Manufacturer CAF Weapon Technologies, Concord Guns, Inc., various others
Number Built est. 149 million

The AS-42 is a gas-operated assault rifle developed and used en masse by Domi Concordia. It was first produced in the early 1940s and was quickly adopted by the military of Domi Concordia as their main firearm. Other nations and affiliations also adopted the firearm, such as Aphroids revolting against the Concordians, the Hassock Empire, and even the Eulumian Mafia, when it was largely present in the 1940s in Domi Concordia.

In 2064, they became discontinued. However, since then, AS-42s have remained in circulation through most of Baecca, some parts of Azium, and Avarice. 

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