Adorus 1

Celestial Information
Sun(s) The Aubade Twins (Baratheas & Cilia)


Rotation approx. 2 days 7 hours
Revolution period approx. 689.3 days
Physical Information
Diameter 10,029 kilometers
Surface area 316,436,875 sq. km
Atmosphere composition by volume 61.77 carbon dioxide

14.34 oxygen
11.82 nitrogen
4.36 sodium
6.51 helium
0.6 neon
0.6 targon

Surface gravity 10.09 m/s^2

Adorus is the sixth closest planet to the Aubade Twins. The planet shares an orbit with Craea. Its surface is entirely covered in salt and small pools of water, and thus is the only "salt desert planet" known to exist. It is named after the Zabaeccan goddess of light and salt. The latter was sheer coincidence, as there was no way for the Zabaeccans to know the composition of its surface.

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