District of Aeonsanx


Political Information
Established Hallowtempora IX, 1955
Nickname Old Ice, Sea Central
Official language(s) Mor Friivish
Demonym Sanxian
Geographical Description
Borders N/A
Population c. 3,033,000 (est. 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Move and shake."
Arbiter Vye Hawkes (since 2085)
Vicarians •Rufus Gosling (since 2090)

•Jerry Kasuth (since 2082)

Abbreviation DA
Website www.aeonsanx.cor/


The District of Aeonsanx is a Harbian corporate district and a notable Harbian metropolis. The city of Aeonsanx was constructed in the 1950s during the Cold War's Sea Race between the United Soviette Republics and Corporatocracy of Harbitros. Unlike other forms of cities, Aeonsanx is located solely underwater -- specifically under the Hyperbean Ocean. As of modernity, it has a population of over 2.8 million Harbians. Due to its circumstances, most denizens of Aeonsanx are wealthy.

Insignia of District

  • District Mammal: Narwhal
  • District Bird: Canary
  • District Fish: Manta Ray
  • District Cryptid: Bloop
  • District Plant: Golden kelp
  • District Insect: Blue glaucus
  • District Beverage: Cappuccino
  • District Mineral: Silver

Locations of Interest

Within the underwater city of Aeonsanx are many locations of interest for tourists and new residents. The city, itself, is divided into three distinct districts: Decocentra, Anakrea, and Splendor. Due to its sunken nature, Aeonsanx's "skyscrapers" do not share the interior design of ones on land; instead, small plazas, businesses, residential districts, and so on are nicely compacted into the levels of each underwater structure. Despite this, there are ways of entering the ocean through Aeonsanx's structures; pressurized airlocks allow safe passage to and fro the Hyperbean Ocean. Underwater trains and submersible seacraft are also the only two ways of visiting Aeonsanx.


The first district in Aeonsanx is Decocentra, which was the original part of the city constructed in 1955. The following are notable locations and attractions within this district:

  • Borealis Hotel
  • Halls of Art Deco
  • Atrium Plaza
  • Maritime Marketplace
  • Aeonsanx Transit Station


The second Aeonsanx district is Anakrea, which is named after the Zabaeccan god of the sea -- Anakreos.

  • Business Boulevard
  • Seaporium Oddities
  • National Archive of Marine Biology


The third district in Aeonsanx is Splendor. Despite it being third, Splendor is the second largest district -- being succeeded by Decocentra.

  • Vista Square
  • DeClaude Ampitheatre 
  • Jetsam Centre
  • Aeonsanx Stock Exchange
  • Aeonsanx Museum of History
  • Ace-in-the-Hole Casino