Alexander Dunwall
Date of birth Hallowtempora XVI, 2022
Date of death Solmonath VIII, 2075 (presumably)
Nationality Concordian Flag Concordian
Family Jaxson Dunwall (Father)
Juliet Dunwall (Mother)
Isaac Dunwall (Uncle)
Samantha Dunwall (Aunt)
Laezander Smythe (Wife)
Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe (Daughter)
Place of residence Vinylla City, Domi Concordia
Occupation(s) Embattled Governour of Domi Concordia
Yearly income est. $68 million (by 2075)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.76 meters
Hair colour Brown
Handedness Ambidextrous
Modifications Mechanical augmentations:
  • Auditory enhancement implants
  • Endurance boosting modulators
  • Bionic eye enhancements

Alexander Dunwall was the son of Jaxson P. Dunwall, and one of the longest-reigning Embattled Governours of Domi Concordia in history. He was married to Laezander Smythe, and was the father of Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe. Along with Ishimoto Tatsuya, Alexander founded the Baeccan Syndicate.

When Jaxson died during the war against the Covenant, and Isaac took rule, Alexander moved to Harbitros and joined Legionnaire International. He quickly rose to the rank of Commando during his year in the organization. After the Concordian Fringe War, Alexander, Laezander, and several other Harbians invaded the Vaella Complex, while rebels distracted the outside forces. Alexander executed Isaac, retaking Concordia from Isaac's tyranny.

After taking leadership of Domi Concordia, Alexander led efforts in ending the Global War on Terror and combatting Extrema Caeli during the Mercenary Wars. Domi Concordia also experienced economic prosperity under his rule.

In 2075, Alexander was presumed dead after entering a building that then exploded in the Concordian-Primondian War. He was succeeded by his daughter, Viktoria.

Alexander's Arsenal