Aliester Bray
Date of birth Baey IV, 1977
Date of death Brezniik VII, 2055
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Place of residence Winterholme, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Major Doctor at Anthrogenetics Enterprise, Weapons Designer & Specialist for Harbian Munitions Corporation, Robotics & Cybernetics Expert for Ekaj Autonetics International
Yearly income est. 89 million (by 2054)
Religion Fatalism
Gender Male
Race Larusio-Friivian
Height 1.82 meters
Handedness Right-handed
Blood type AB-
Dr. Aliester Bray was a notable Harbian scientist, inventor, engineer, and designer. He was born in the 1970s to a middle-class family in Winterholme, Harbitros. Due to him being near foundries for all of his upbringing, Aliester would take small parts that were lying around or defunct and build basic contraptions with them. When he was an adult, he was hired by the Harbian Munitions Corporation to help design and modify weapons. After several years of doing this, a high-ranking employee of Ekaj Autonetics International recommended him to Fiscal Patriarch Strebor Ekaj for hire. After reviewing Bray's portfolio and career history, he decided to hire him to modify, innovate, and design robotics. Several more years passed, and Strebor Ekaj took notice to Aliester's vast knowledge about biology and human anatomy, and asked him if he would also like to work at Anthrogenetics Enterprise. Bray accepted the offer and now worked a third job at Anthrogenetics. After learning the trades of the medical profession, Aliester Bray became an Anthrogenetics doctor. He was promoted several times until reaching the rank of Major Doctor. Strebor Ekaj then invited him to partake in Anthrogenetics' shadier experiments in biology, anatomy, and other aspects of weird science. Four years later, when Dr. Bray was 46 years old, an experiment he and several other Anthrogenetics scientists and doctors were delving into went out of control and killed everyone besides Aliester, whom received permanent physical damage to his head and neck. As of 2048, Dr. Aliester Bray maintans all three jobs.

Operation Cleanse


Dr. Aliester Bray exiting a helicopter with Concordian soldiers

In 2028, Domi Concordia asked Dr. Aliester Bray to train Concordian soldiers about to deal with a terrorist crisis in a small Concordian town. He was asked by the Concordian Stratocracy to teach the infantrymen how to use Harbian weaponry. After doing so, he requested that he personally lead the offensive and was permitted. Bray then led an incredibly successful operation which led to the complete collapse of the Askerskan-Concordian terrorist organization knwon as Mors'Quam.