Basic Information
Type Multinational conglomerate
Industry Conglomerate
Founded Brezniik IV, 2049
Founders Lucas Endswood, Laura Endswood, Dan Elmonte
Headquarters Providence, Harbitros
Key individuals •Adrian Endswood (President)

•Michael Laurel (CEO)

•Kevin Croon (Chairman)

Products Various, most notably electronics, biotechnology, weaponry, telecommunications, and venture capital
Revenue c. $2.6 trillion (as of 2100)
Subsidiaries Auspice Security, Borealian Research Corporation, Casanovus Incorporated, Elmonte Finesse Incorporated, Endswood Ordnance, Vesper Industries, Winthrope Comestics
Website alpha.dawn/

The Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate, usually referred to as simply Alpha-Dawn or ADMC, is a multionational conglomerate founded by Lucas and Laura Endswood and Dan Elmonte. It was founded in 2049, and is among the most wealthy companies on all of Junope. As of the 2060s, Alpha-Dawn has made great strides in the field of nanotechnology, competing with Ekaj Autonetics International.

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