Alphonso Chaucer



Date of birth Baey VII, 1987
Date of death Aeostril XIII, 2071
Nationality Verallflag Verallian (formerly)
Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian (formerly)
VadreaFlag.1 Vadrean
Family Lulu (Mintz) Chaucer (Ex-wife)
Hugh Chaucer (Son)
Place of residence Raleigh, Harbitros (formerly)
Psunion City, Vadrea
Occupation(s) Founder and Kingpin of the Famille de Sang
Yearly income est. $479 million (as of 2059)
Gender Male
Race Larusio-Friivian
Height 1.74 meters
Hair colour Silver
Handedness Right-handed
 Alphonso Chaucer was a major Harbian crimelord based in Raleigh. Between 2012 until the early 2030s, Alphonso was the kingpin of a Harbian crime syndicate named Famille de Sang (or Family of Blood in Mor Friivish). In 2031, however, his crime empire fell when the Harbian Eclipse Agency caught up to him and his headquarters became enraged in shootouts between his footsoldiers and the HEA operatives. Amongst the firefight was Lucas Endswood -- who at the time was merely an operative rather than one of the world's richest men. Lucas attempted to kill Chaucer, as the latter resisted arrest by trying to run and fight, but only was able to shoot him in the eye. Chaucer was able to escape the area and fled Harbitros within 24 hours. Though he had successfully evaded capture, much of the Famille de Sang was destroyed by the Harbian Eclipse Agency.

Spending 22 years in hiding by travelling Isteroxe and Baecca, Alphonso Chaucer finally settled in the Stratocracy of Vadrea. He had decided to restore the Famille de Sang in this nation, as it had recently faced societal and economic hardship -- and thus he knew the government would be less occupied in dealing with organized crime. Five years of recruitment and organization building brought Chaucer a restored crime syndicate -- and at the heart of Vadrea's capital. In 2057, Alphonso hired the infamous serial killer -- the Ragdoll Slayer -- as his personal enforcer and assassin. Whereas the country exploded into gang wars and societal upheaval, Alphonso had made a stable fortress for himself and his influence. 

In 2071, Alphonso was found executed by a gunshot through the back of the head. He was discovered by COF infantry after being tipped off by an anonymous source during the Famille-Occupation Conflict. It was later believed that the Harbian Mafia killed him off after having no further use for him.

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