Basic Information
Type Private corporation
Industry •Tobacco


Founded 1968
Founders Salbatore Meraz
Headquarters Luz Orilla, Tierra del Sador
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Gustavo Villa (President)

•Loretta Corpuz (CEO)

Products Cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, other tobacco products
Revenue c. $232.4 million (as of 2085)
Number of employees 7,003 (as of 2085)

Amargo is both a brand of cigars and cigarettes, and a major tobacco corporation. It is one of the largest tobacco corporations on Junope, and is renowned for its high quality cigars. It was founded in the small Larusian nation of Tierra del Sador over a decade after its founding. In the mid-2060s, Amargo began to experience declines in annual revenue, and lost over 200 employees by 2070.

In 2075, Amargo President Gustavo Villa declared that the revenue kept dropping by 2095, the company would have to dissolute.

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