Ambra Madruga
Date of birth Junith XXVII, 1983
Date of death Solmonath IX, 2071
Nationality Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette (formerly)
New Eulumian Flag Eulumian
Place of residence Constellium, Eulumia
Occupation(s) IU Security Council President
Yearly income est. $150,000
Religion Fatalism
Gender Female
Race Larusio-Friivian
Height 1.66 meters
Hair colour Brown, greying
Handedness Right-handed
 Ambra Madruga was the IU Security Council President, and was present during the second civil war of Cruale. Before being elected into the Isteroxean Union, however, Ambra was elected mayor of Constellium, Eulumia. She had also held several different government positions within the Eulumian Federation, itself. She died due to old age in 2071.

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