General Information
Constructed Wintraend XVII, 1845
Classification Megacity
Districts Psaurynx, Austantoshe, Anchorage Timberlands, Mascense, Downtown Anchorage, Gereonea Harbour, Dreshock
Location Information
Country Harbitros
Demesne Creedence
Notable locations •Anchorage Medical Institute

•Anchorage Aerdock

•Creedal Shard Tower

•Varlynne Stadium

•Varlynne Recreation Centre

•Varlynne College

•Steinley Aerport

•Steinley Observatory

•Quadura Academy

•Anchorage University of the Arts

•Edelmont Academy for the Gifted

•Austantoshe Cinema Club

•Zisher Rye Plazarium

•Cestodel House of Performance

•Gereonea Peak

•Anchorage Science Centre

•Austantoshe Museum of Modern Art

•Anchorage Magistrate Domain

•Lighthouses of Anchorage

•Anchorage Spear

•Anchorage Stock Exchange

Societal Information
Population c. 17.1 million (As of 2085)
Demonym Anchorite

The city of Anchorage is a megacity located in northern Creedence, Harbitros. It was founded in the mid-1840s as Eularbian Harbitros expanded westward on the continent of Avarice. As of modernity, Anchorage is the capital Creedence -- and the second largest city in the demesne. The city is also home to various points of interest and notable locations both nationally and globally renowned. 

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