Basic Information
Sport Bowling
Founded 1949
Commissioner Jeff Goodray
Number of teams 54 teams
Countries Harbitros (including several dependencies), Gecko, New Vaeulia
Continent Avarice
Most titles Renshaw Rockabillies, West Psaunder Wonder Rollers (tied with number of titles)
Official website

The Annual HBC MoonBowl is an annual bowling competition hosted and maintained by the Harbian Bowling Confederation, in which 54 teams (teams from all 45 Harbian demesnes, three Harbian districts, four Harbian dependencies, the Kingdom of Gecko, and the Constitutional Monarchy of New Vaeulia) compete to win. 

The league takes from Wintraend XIX until XXII of every year, focusing on the longest day of the year -- when the moon is out longest.

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