Anthrogenetics Enterprise

Anthrogenetics Logo

Basic Information
Type International corporation



•Medical equipment


•Anatomical exploration

•Genetic engineering

Founded Brezniik IV, 1994 in El Tempus, Harbitros
Founder Strebor Ekaj
Headquarters El Tempus, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Sophia Dixon (President)

•Reginald Ekaj (CEO)

•Susan Kosmus (Chairwoman)

•Vivian Tiaryes (Representative)

Products Medicine & pharmaceutics, Various medical equipment, Numerous others
Services Medical treatment, psychiatric sessions, Pharmaceutics distribution, Biological & anatomical eugenics, Numerous others
Revenue c. $52.5 billion (as of 2090)
Number of employees 323,339 (as of 2090)
Website www.anthrogenetics.glo/

Anthrogenetics Enterprise is an international corporation founded by Strebor Ekaj in 1994 to specialize in medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as to further discover and explore the sciences of human biology and anatomy, as well as psychology, anthropology, and sociology. 

In 2078, Anthrogenetics created the cure for cancer, and began distributing it in the month of Aeostril.