General Information
Founded c. 1979
Dissolution 2004
Headquarters Jim
Motto "A cause to break the hammer and sickle."
Budget c. $1.2 biillion (by 2004)
Leader Tyrone Kershki (1979-2004)
Military age N/A
Active personnel 180,347 (by 2004)

•Second Gahnian Civil War (1985-1994)

•The War in Olfros (1992-2002)

•Limbanese War (1993-1996)

•Jimanian Insurrection (1997-2004)

The Aphroid Anti-Communist League, abbreviated as AACL, was a large-scale recalcitrance organization against the communist regimes in Aphrostan. It was founded by the previously imprisoned revolutionary Tyrone Kershki. The organization also acts as its own military, wielding firearms and military-grade vehicles it stole from the communist regimes or purchased from foreign, capitalist nations such as Domi Concordia and Harbitros. It was dissoluted in 2004, months after stressing the aphroid nation of Tutu to forsake its communist ideologies, seeing as it had fulfilled its goals in cleansing mainland Aphrostan from communism.

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