The Appleby Riots of 2043 occured in Appleby, Domi Concordia after a group of Primondian tourists killed a young Concordian.

Appleby Riots of 2043
Appleby riots

Civil Unrest in Domi Concordia




Appleby, Domi Concordia

  • Large amounts of property damage ravages Appleby
  • Haydon Johnson is temporarily incarcerated in Domi Concordia

Domi Concordia

Appleby Rioters

  • Alexander Dunwall



Concordian Armed Forces

  • est. 20,000 law enforcers
  • est. 5,000 infantrymen
  • 2 tanks
  • 7 aircraft


  • est. 22,500-29,750 rioters


est. 71

The Riot

In mid-Sepreindus of 2043, a group of Primondian tourists killed a nine-year-old Concordian boy whilst intoxicated in the small town of Appleby, Domi Concordia. The town was outraged and the local law enforcement arrested three of the five Primondians; the other two were shot for resisting arrest. However, this did not quell the rage of the Appleby community and soon riots broke out in protest of Primondians and the nation of Primondia. Cyblink Global reported on the growing violence in Appleby, and so Embattled Governour of Domi Concordia, Alexander Dunwall, deployed a small battalion of the Concordian military, as well as surrounding law enforcement to Appleby to try and stave the virulence. On Hallowtempora I, Haydon Aex Johnson, leader of Primondia, visited Appleby to deliver a speech to its denizens in hopes of apologizing to them to ease their paths of destruction. However, Haydon was heckled by a member of the audience and began to phsyically assault them, which ended in him being incarcerated by Concordian police and then deported to Primondia a week later. Four weeks after the killing of the young Concordian, the rioting subsided into small strings of protest.