Arcadian Games

Arcadian Games2

Basic Information
Inaugurated 1855
Date From Junith III to Junith Junith XX
Nations participating 153
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The New Arcadian Games, commonly referred to as only the Arcadian Games, is a lustrum sportering event where nations across Junope send teams to compete on their behalf. It is based off of the tradition of the Ancient Arcadian Games, which were started by the Zabaeccans in the year 50 and ended when the Zabaeccan Empire collapsed. It was reinstated by Domi Concordia in 1855, and has since taken place every five years. 

The Arcadian Games always takes place in a new country and city every instance. However, there are several nations that have hosted it more than once.

The Games

The New Arcadian Games features a large array of sports for athletes to compete in. The following are all sports that the Arcadian Games features in its event: wrestling, weightlifting, swimming, martial arts, shooting, archery, bowling, tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, robot fights, golf, fencing, boxing, cycling, volleyball, and car racing.

The following table displays the dates and locations of all of games in the New Arcadian Games:

Host country City Year
Domi Concordia Koezrumont 1855
Zeiifunder Orien Taar 1860
Eularbian Commonwealth Ostlyn 1865
San Locura Lochshon 1870
Jelunia Fürstenzell 1875
Hassock Empire Ninevah 1880
Machinam Raritag 1885
Espinthela Bisea de Janta 1890
Vorennta Airenna 1895
Eularbian Commonwealth Versienna 1900
Domi Concordia Vinylla City 1905
Roulasvia Beovizija 1910
Verall Feir'deau 1915
Tieuxberia Ha-Shashuna 1920
Zeiifunder Luundy 1925
Hassock Empire Gog 1930
United Soviette Republics Constellium 1935
Gecko Alexandria 1940
Ikaram Hichao 1945
Oreypt Napses 1950
Harbitros Royal Royce, West Psaunder 1955
Domi Concordia Koezrumont 1960
Bohtan Baratan City 1965
New Vaeulia Orien Taar 1970
Lishta Azia Zanna 1975
Harbitros Raleigh, Asturica 1980
Northern Askersia Gog 1985
Primondia Port Prime 1990
Tierra del Sador Luz Orilla 1995
Eulumia Versienna 2000
Harbitros Anchorage, Renshaw 2005
Cruale Madribell 2010
Espinthela Bisea de Janta 2015
Bohtan Kabahar 2020
Telcasa Fergus 2025
Moira Ornus City 2030
Machinam Carnonn 2035
Jelunia Parmöchtenaltestädte 2040
Harbitros Toberona, Shrinehill 2045
Eulumia Constellium 2050
Vorennta Loupa 2055
Domi Concordia Great Gimsby 2060
Gahnia Uundaji 2065
San Locura Kiyotari 2070
Cesieteos Modrein Exe 2075
New Vaeulia Orien Taar 2080
Harbitros Providence, Vahlhurst 2085
Thekotah Nahpur 2090
Zeiifunder Mossley 2095
Espinthela Bisea de Janta 2100
Larusian Hegemony Constellium 2105
Machinam Carnonn 2110
Domi Concordia Clareview 2115