Ascan Reylles
Ivan Reylles
Date of birth Aeostril X, 1939
Date of death Lamenthrobust II, 1992
Nationality Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette
Place of residence Wynden, Eulumia
Occupation(s) Chairman of the United Soviette Republics
Religion Atheist
Gender Male
Race Larusian
Height 1.94 meters
Handedness Right-handed
 Ascan Reylles was the final Chairman of the United Soviette Republics, holding leadership from 1986 to 1991 when the USR officially dissolved into modern nations. As a former agent of the Soviette Security Agency, Ascan was present at the Soviette campaign in Aphrostan as well as the Second Drushian War. Reylles was charged with human rights violations and found guilty in Versienna, Eulumia, and sentenced to death. However when being escorted from the Versienna Court building, he escaped his escorts and threw himself over the railings into the water. His body floated underwater through the Virago river for two days before washing up in the coastal city of Telva. It was confirmed in his autopsy that he died on impact when he hit the water from such a height.

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