Asmaron UFO Incident
UFO crash in USR

Solmonath II, 1970


Asmaron Forest, modern Cereus


An unidentified flying object crash-landing within the Asmaron Forest

 The Asmaron UFO Incident, also known as the Soviette UFO Cover-up, was an event that caused worldwide controversy several days after happening. 

The Incident

In the early morning of Solmonath II, 1970, a disc-shaped UFO crashed in the midst of the Asmaron Forest. Quickly thereafter, Soviette authorities rushed to the scene of the incident and quickly began to salvage the vehicle. All civilians who had been spotted approaching the UFO were quickly arrested and detained by the Soviettes. Within an hour of their arrival, the USR had removed the UFO and all evidence of its crash -- besides the dent in made in the ground.

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