Chandler Terobain's Assassination

Vaella Complex, Vinylla City, Domi Concordia


est. 1 AM, Wintrend XXIV, 2056

Attack type:



Chandler Terobain


Nightfall, Extrema Caeli

 The Assassination of Chandler Terobain was a successful assassionation attempt carried out by the Locuran PMC Nightfall, under the authorization of Extrema Caeli. The event shocked the nation of Domi Concordia, and caused great concern for the safety of the Stratocracy's leaders -- especially Alexander Dunwall.

The Assassination

Approximately 1 AM on Yule Eve, 2056, Defense Marshal Chandler Terobain was packing up to leave the Vaella Complex for the night, as he was the last one to leave for the night within the administration division. Going home to begin his annual Yule Break, two Nightfall mercenaries ambushed the Concordian and fired one shot per side of the torso, and one shot through the heart.

The body was discovered at 3 AM by security, and was covered until an CLED investigators arrived to investigate the premises. After the Yule Break, security and patrols around the Vaella Complex were largely strengthened in order to protect Domi Concordia's leaders. 

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