Assassination of Norman Chessler

Raritag, Machinam


Threshannual X, 2083

Attack type:



Norman Chessler


Jack Boxer, supposedly the Harbian mafia

 The Assassination of Norman Chessler was a significant event that occurred on Threshannual X, 2083, in which the incumbent Prezidant of Machinam was assassinated in his office. The assassination was carried out by infamous Machinish hitman Jack Boxer. Norman Chessler was found dead from a deep stab wound into his heart. Despite extensive investigation and examination of security footage, no law enforcement could determine how Jack Boxer was able to enter the office. After news broke of his assassination to the public, Jacen Mano forced himself into the position of Machinam's new Prezidant, due to his already close relationship with Norman Chessler and position to title of Prezidant.

Upon Jacen Mano making it known to the world that he was now leading Machinam, it was quite obvious that the Harbian Mafia had somehow been responsible for the death of Norman Chessler, though no law enforcement or institution in Machinam could do anything about it, due to extensive corruption that runs back decades.

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