Assault on Shaei

Cesian War for Independence


Hallowtempora XXV, 1997


Shaei, Vadrea

  • Cesian victory
  • Shaei temporarily occupied by Cesian forces

OrgflegAldridge's armies (Cesieteos)



Jonathan Aldridge

Bobby Zunwait

  • 14,530 infantrymen
  • 7 tanks
  • 2 aircraft
  • 20,200 infantrymen
  • 19 tanks
  • 23 aircraft
  • c. 24,260
  • 7 tanks
  • 1 aircraft
  • c. 33,500
  • 23 tanks
  • 11 aircraft
The Assault on Shaei, commonly known as the Battle of Shaei, was a major offensive against Vadrea conducted by Jonathan Aldridge's armies during the Cesian War for Independence in 1997. The operation was to gain control over the city, which would give the Cesians a major foothold, allowing for another strike on the Vadrean capital, Psunion City. 


Shaei was fortified with a large amount of military defense, with patrolling tank units and helicopters circling the airspace. Once the bombings occured in Psunion City, some of the city's troops were diverted to the attacked areas, including the majority of the reinforcements planned to be stationed at Shaei, as the Cesian armies continued pushing their lines forward. General Aldridge organized a multiple direction strike, with various companies planning to attack from the north, others from the south, and et cetera. The assault would commence at dawn, with many Vadrean garrisons resting or not focused in the early morning.

The Battle

With the battalions prepared on schedule, Aldridge sent the order to commence the assault. The northern front launched in waves of soldiers and tanks, whilst the southern and eastern areas slowly pushed forward, sweeping out the defenses and Vadrean contact to pave way for mortars and launchers.

Aldridge gave authority to his commanders to complete the campaign, as more strategizing was needed for the planned counterstrike on Psunion City. With a new chain of command, battalions were told to form a collective front and pushed into the city. The northern front's tanks broke a major hole in the city defense, and an opening for all units to enter was formed. Bobby Zunwait continued his command of his armies, attempting to format a solid repel of the Cesians and orchestrate and counterattack to push them back to the wilderness, though neither came to fruition. 

The assault waged for two days, with most of the time until it's end being used in ransacking the city and burning living quarters of the Vadrean soldiers. 


Shaei was left in near ruin from the assault. Cesian troops destroyed storefronts and burned buildings in defiance to their former nation. Business were looted and damaged. The soldiers taking part in these actions were later punished, some even being discharged outright. Of the heinous wrongdoings of Aldridge's men, many Vadrean soldiers and citizens enlisted to his cause. More military strength was acquired from the captured city's army forts, gaining transportation and munitions. A dire need of aerial support was of note before the assault, and the helicopters and handful of jets apprehended gave a great deal of help to the Cesian army.

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