Atonement of Harmony

The AoH

General Information
Founded Nahvidax'k'ver XXVII, 1998

•Strebor Ekaj (Harbitros)

•Katherine Elouise (Eulumia)

•Arnold Wilkerson (Domi Concordia)

•Ishimoto Tatsuya (San Locura)

•Calvin Kramer (Machinam)

Official language(s)

•Mor Friivish



Political Information
Type Intergovernmental organization
Branches Delegate Assembly, AoH Peacekeeping Forces, Security Council, Socioeconomic Council

Harmony Complex, Wynden, Eulumia

Membership 147 nations
Delegate Assembly President Enzo Takahashi
Security Council President Terry Bellum
Peacekeeping Overseer Daniel Hopklinger
Socioeconomic Council Administrator Paum Frans

The Atonement of Harmony was an international hegemonic-styled alliance thought of by Strebor Ekaj and successfully founded in 1998 by Harbitros and Eulumia, with the help of Machinam, San Locura, and Domi Concordia. Most of its development was also personally funded by Strebor Ekaj. The Atonement of Harmony has partaken in many of the large-scale wars and battles on Junope, usually aiding in assistance and humanitarian aid. The majority of Junope's nations are members of the Atonement of Harmony and are subjected to the security regulations of its formation.