Aubade Twins

Aubade Twins 1 (Cropped)

Celestial Information
Distance from galactic core 68,492 light years
Rotation 20.5 days
Revolution 2.65 days
Galactic orbit 607.5-675 million years
Binary distance 15.5 million km
Age ≈ 5.1 billion years
Diameter 1,104,783 km
Stellar Classification G5V
Effective Temperature 5,602 Joven
Diameter 1,104,809 km
Stellar Classification G5V
Effective Temperature 5,606 Joven

The Aubade Twins -- also known as the Twin Suns, the Twins, and individually Cilia and Baratheas -- are binary stars that create the center of the Aubade System. A total of seventeen planets orbit around the suns.

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