Avante-class Avian Commandship

Harbian superweapon aercraft

Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Commandship, aership, warship
Production 1974-2069
Number built 52 (by 2069)
Wingspan 675 meters
Length 323 meters

The Avante-class Avian Commandship was constructed and designed by Harbitros North Engineering during the Cold War. It is unique in that it is both a commandship, but also is heavily armed with various turrets and missile launchers. It was first tested over the Herutayas, within Tieuxberian borders as a way of showing it off to the United Soviette Republics. Since then, it has been used in various wars such as the Telcasan War, the War in Southern Askersia, the Invasion of Yappul, and Operation Deface & Revive. In Solmonath of 2069, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros announced that the Avante-class model would no longer be manufactured, and that all remaining Avante-class iterations would still be utilized until otherwise stated.

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