Population est. 680.75 million (4th, as of 2085)
Demonym Azian

Ahaz, Alamaq, Alberya, Aljahim, Alssukhur, Ariq, Cadarus, Darresht, East Askersia, Eliza, Eyaze, Frenoire, Jabia, Jaribahl, Jerundusia, Lishta Azia, Nira, North Askersia, Oreypt, Qafir, Saalein, Sanamar, Shajaratan, South Askersia, Tanusa, Yappul


Shudenese, Aziac, and many others

Time zones (UTC+12 to +8)

Azium is a small continent north of Isteroxe. The continent is home to some of the most vile religions on Junope, such as Baalism and Tullism -- and was ruled by a continental empire known as the Hassock Empire for other a millennium. The first atomic bomb was used on Azium by Harbitros during the 1940s Harbian Fusillade of Azium, when the Corporatocracy was at war against Nazified Hassock Empire.