Azure-class Skyliner

Harbian Skyliner

Basic Information
Manufacturer Clabbor Aesta Shipyards
Type Skyliner, aership, cruiseship
Production 2006-2067
Number built 25 (by 2067)
Length 274.5 meters
Decks 5 passenger decks
Speed 20 knots
Capacity 3,050 passengers total

The Azure-class Skyliner is an aership skyliner manufactured and operated by Clabbor Aesta, a Harbian cruiseship company. The first Azure-class Skyliner set sail on its maiden voyage on Wintraend XX, 2006. In 2067, Clabbor Aesta announced that the Azure-class model was officially being decomissioned, and thus no further iterations would be produced. The ones in use would continue to be used until it was obvious that they need to be retired.

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