Hazard Elusion and Navigation Transport


Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Quadrupedal hazard navigation perdial vox
Production 2040-present
Designer(s) Harbian Eclipse Agency
Designed 2037-2040
Number built 44 (as of 2085)
Height 4.2 meters
The BCD HENT Device (Biohazard Cleanup Department Hazard Elusion and Navigation Transport) is a large four-legged perdial vox utilized by the Harbian Eclipse Agency's Biohazard Cleanup Department for traversing biohazards safely. The vox is designed to be reminescent of an ant (despite only having four legs). It utilizes metal alloys that do not corrode when in contact with almost any acid. The cockpit of the perdial vox is radiation-proof, and thus no radiation, and ipso facto, no toxic gas can enter. The perdial vox can hold up to two people at a time within its hull.

The HENT about to enter a toxic waste spill

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