BENN Chariot
BENN Chariot
Basic information
Type Submachine gun
Place of origin Domi Concordia
In service 2019-present
Used by Domi Concordia, Vorennta, Oreypt, Olfros, Gadida, Zenesia, Caesus, Libertas, Kasta, Moira, Machinam, Darza, Shajaratan, Sanamar, Alssukhur, Baeccan Syndicate
Production history
Designer Robert Jefferson
Designed 2016-2019
Manufacturer CAF Weapon Technologies
Number Built est. 67 million

The BENN Chariot is a submachine gun originating from Domi Concordia invented by the Concordian Armed Forces' weapon technologies division. Besides the CAF, other nations' armies also use the BENN Chariot.

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