Population est. 5.57 billion (1st, as of 2085)
Demonym Baeccan
Countries Alsana, Antolutha, Antonrue, Athorma, Bakhota, Bogo, Bozzonia, Buruk, Caesus, Calderesia, Cesieteos, Cynthia, Darza, Diapaga, Domi Concordia, Eresa, Gadida, Gahnia, Gerona, Goreba Republic, Goronga, Govinda, Ikaram, Ikei, Jim, Kangary, Karnal Isles, Kasta, Krosk, Kuzuliwa, Libertas, Limba, Machinam, Meltora, Mendosa, Menoriya, Meridan, Mishkah, Moira, Mornam, Moronteza, New Vaeulia, Nisso, Nossam, Olfros, Omnira, Osterhude, Qascua, Ricounda, Roshacana, Rotowa, Rundan, San Locura, Sanwanaa, Sazakawe, Suchaz, Teague, Temowai, Tenato, Tohego, Tutu, Udoti, Vadrea, Vistaire, Vorennta, Wantera, Watanda, Zantessar, Zeiifunder, Zenesia, Zibur, Ziguina, Zujan

Mor Friivish, Latin, Afrostaans, and many others

Time zones (UTC-2 to +12)

Baecca is a large continent east of Avarice and west of Isteroxe. It is the most broken up of the continents, and is composed of many large and small landmasses, islands, and archipelagos. The continent is home to a multitude of different nations and cultures, especially the eastern island chains, which have been colonized by many different sovereign states throughout history, such as Zabaecca, Zeiifunder, Eularbia, the United Soviette Republics, and Domi Concordia.

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