Bantam Forager

Ec pv

Basic Information
Manufacturer Extrema Caeli
Type Intraugmized bipedal perdial vox
Production 2048-2052
Designer(s) Extrema Caeli, CAF Weapon Technologies (indirectly; stolen)
Designed 2047-2052
Number built 19 (by 2052)
Used by Extrema Caeli
Height 3.6 meters

The PV Bantam Forager is a perdial vox designed by Extrema Caeli shortly after stealing records and data concerning the blueprints, robotics, and construction of perdial voxi and other intraugmized apparatus from the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia -- after leading an empty attack on a Concordian outpost in the Zocuric Ocean. The Bantam Forager utilizes not only a short-range mortar cannon and a gatling gun, but two frontward articulate arms for firmly grasping and holding objects.

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