Baron Digital

BaronDigital Logo

Basic Information
Type International corporation

•Consumer electronics

•Digital distribution

•Interactive entertainment

Founded 1959
Founder Logan White
Headquarters Las Esperanza, Pasoloca, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals

•Billy Karnge (President)

•Isaiah Vonne (CEO)

•Pierce Smith (Chairman)

•Alice DeRare (Representative)

Products Gaming consoles (LZ-Box, LZ-Box 99, LZ-Infinity, Exosphere, Exosphere Paragon), televisions, computers, cellular telephones, recording devices, handheld devices, holographic communication systems, other consumer electronics
Services Advertising, eSky Hub, online cloud storing, online market services, electronic repairing
Revenue $814.6 billion (as of 2090)
Number of employees 192,117 (as of 2090)
Website www.baron.cor/

Baron Digital is an international electronics corporation founded in the late 1950s. In 2000, it was implemented into the Corporatocracy's conglomerate. Baron Digital is one of Junope's leading innovators in personal and commercial electronics. Baron Digital is also one of the world's leading video game giants as it publishes video games and has numerous technologies revolving around gaming, such as gaming consoles. In 2029, Baron Digital unveiled the first fully visible and interactive holographic communication system. In 2040, the first commercially available quantum computer was released to the public by Baron Digital.

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