CS Flag 25.2

Political Information
Classification Federal parliamentary democracy
Currency Bohtani rupee
Demonym Bohtani
National Animal Red Tiger
National Language(s) Bapharu
Capital City Kabahar
Largest City Baratan City
Leader Yat Khumbarr
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Continent Isteroxe
Borders Adharma, Jelunia, Kharut, Rajira, Thekotah
Oceanic coasts Crims' Expanse
Biomes Grasslands, mountains, desert
Population c. 238.5 million as of 2085
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Our souls are free, as should our physical being."
Drives on the Right
Time zone (UTC+9)
Calling code +34
Member of

Atonement of Harmony

Bohtan is a nation in the Isteroxean region of Baphara. It shares a lot of cultural similarities with its neighboring countries. The nation, though pacifist in its foreign affairs, has been the target of belligerent assault throughout history. Most notably were annexations and influences by communist Jelunia, and when Jelunia forcibly invaded the nation, thus igniting the Bohtani War.