Freeman Bridge Bombing
Bridge Hit2

Freeman Bridge, Vinylla City, Domi Concordia


Solmonath XIV, 2051 (4:06 PM)

Attack type:
  • Bombing
  • Mass murder

87 (82 victims, 5 terrorists)


Extrema Caeli

The Bombing of Freeman Bridge, also known as the Heartsday Bombing, was a terrorist attack perpetrated by the stateless military Extrema Caeli against Domi Concordia. Freeman Bridge was specifically bombed due to its historic and cultural signifiance in Domi Concordia's history. The date of the attack also took place on the Day of Hearts 2051.


The Freeman Bridge took six months to fully repair, being usable again in early fall of the same year. Upon its reopening, Alexander Dunwall and other heads of the Stratocracy were present during a patriotism parade across the refurbished landmark.