Basic Information
Genre Drama, dark comedy, war

•Paul DeSkaire

•Lewis Vella

•Morris Reddiford

•Cay Finley

•Priscilla Justner

•Pauline O'Mara

•Lorraine Rickeby

•Samuel Moss

•Jackson Ashe

Opening theme "Somber Pain" by Zachary Franklin
Country of origin Harbitros
Original language(s) Mor Friivish
No. of seasons 15
No. of episodes 331 (including 5 non-seasonal specials)
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 24-25 minutes (126 minutes for series finale)
Production company(s) Temporal Media, Dask Pictures
Distributor Temporal Media
Original channel KBC
Picture format 480p, B&W (1982-1993)

1080p, Technicolour (1993-1996)

Original run Lamenthrobust I, 1982 – Aeostril XIII, 1996

C*A*S*T is a Harbian drama comedy that premiered on Lamenthrobust I, 1982 and ran until its series finale in season 15 on Aeostril XIII, 1996. The series takes place during the last six years of the Concordian-Govindan War, and focuses on the medical team within the 156th Concordian Ambulatory Surgical Transport, whom treat wounded Concordian soldiers who are rushed off the battlefield. The series is considered one of the greatest television programs of all time, and is commemorated by the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia for its depiction of Concordians during the war. 

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