CLED logo

Basic Information
Genre Documentary, reality television
Created by Steve Petron
Opening theme "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" by Cracked Carl
Country of origin Domi Concordia
Original language(s)

Mor Friivish


No. of seasons 85
No. of episodes 2,524 episodes
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Christopher Badge Productions, Cog Television, Cyblink Concordia
Distributor Christopher Badge Productions
Original channel Cog Network
Picture format 480p (1997-2005)

1080p (2005-2011)

2160p (2011-2019)

4320p (2022-2030)

8640p (2030-2038)

17,280p (2038-present)

Original run Breviik VII, 1997 – present

CLED is a legal reality television series created by Steve Petron and mainly produced by Christopher Badge Productions. The main focus on the series is following various members and operatives of the Concordian Law Enforcement Division, and their endeavours upholding the law around Domi Concordia

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