Cadarian Upheaval

Global War on Terror, Cadarian conflicts





  • Cadarus is thrown into complete chaos
  • TECA begins conquest campaigns
  • Atonement of Harmony occupies Cadarus once more
  • Cadarus' capital, Lilac, is destroyed
  • TECA becomes leaderless

Confederate States of Cadarus
Atonement of Harmony

  • Domi Concordia
  • Telcasa
  • San Locura
  • Tieuxberia
  • Frenoire
  • Vorennta
  • Eulumia
  • New Vaeulia
  • Zeiifunder

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Cadarian Secession Movement
  • Nassi Remnants
  • Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte
  • Strebor Ekaj
  • Matthew Deyelles
  • Amelia Benedetto
  • Terry Bellum
  • Cerrus II
  • Hortisa Arniga
  • Vigrai Tussa
  • Rynnul Bagduly
  • Uamar Madgouhe

AoH Peacekeeping

  • 150,000 infantrymen
  • est. 400 tanks
  • 3,500 aircraft
  • 100 war vessels

Cadarian Military

  • 54,000 infantrymen
  • 98 tanks
  • 213 aircraft
  • 45 war vessels


  • 2 aerships
  • est. 20 aircraft


  • est. 100,630 infantrymen
  • est. 10,000 insurgents
  • 17 tanks
  • 7 aircraft
  • 1 war vessels

Cadarian Secession Movement

  • 56,000 infantrymen
  • 9 tanks

Nassi Remnants

  • est. 7,500 infantrymen
  • est. 20 aircraft

est. 79,700 (mostly civilians as of 2046)

est. 41,430

The Cadarian Upheaval was national chaos and violence directly caused by the dissolution of the Nassi Covenant of Azium after the Campaign Against the Covenant. During the rampant infighting, TECA began to take control of parts of Cadarus before the Atonement of Harmony arrived to deter the spread of Tullism.

The War

The Cadarian Upheaval happened directly after the defeat and forceful dissolution of the National Socialist Covenant of Azium. The Cadary Coast was immediately engulfed in chaos by various factions, such as the Cadarian Secession Movement and remaining Nassi and their sympathizers. The government of Cadarus had reformed by Cerrus II's return to power, but could not easily fight off the virulent fray which had plagued Cadarus. A month into the upheaval led to the Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte to begin a military campaign to conquer the nation, first capturing a military airbase. After news of TECA's dangerous presence in the wartorn nation of Cadarus reached global headlines, the Atonement of Harmony once again set out to quell the violence on the Cadary Coast.