Cadarus Flag

Political Information
Classification Confederation
Currency Cadarian Coinage
Demonym Cadarian
National Animal Bushel Snake
National Language(s) Shudenese
Capital City

•Panz Tranaia

•Lilac (formerly; until 2050)

Largest City Panz Tranaia
Leader Cerrus II
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Continent Azium
Borders Alberya, Darresht
Oceanic coasts Crims' Expanse
Biomes Grassland, plains, forests, mountains
Population c. 113.77 million as of 2085
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Peace for the Righteous, Torment for the Unclean."
Drives on the Left
Time zone (UTC+9 to +10)
Calling code +85
Member of Azian League

The Confederate States of Cadarus is a notable nation residing on the southeastern peninsula on Azium. Its boundaries contain the majority of the Cadary Coast, and its states are comprised of the Cadary States which were a cluster of governed regions in the Hassock Empire prior to its dissolution in the 1940s. During the Cold War, Cadarus was a communist state backed by the United Soviette Republics.

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