The Cadary Wars were a set of wars from 1804 to 1808 by Eularbia against the Cadarian Pirates, whom were later backed by Hassock Empire.

Cadary Wars

Hassock Conflicts




Azium, particularly the Cadary Coast

  • A large majority of the Hassock Empire's Cadary fleet is destroyed
  • Cadarian pirates is heavily crippled
  • The Hassock Empire pays a large reparation tithe to the Eularbian Commonwealth

Eularbian Commonwealth

The Hassock Empire

  • Daxtious Arnell
  • Lorva BeWevv
  • Musta varr-Izz
  • Shar Tussk
  • Gurr the Reaper
  • est. 38,500 infantrymen
  • est. 80 war vessels
  • est. 70,000 infantrymen
  • 107 war vessels

est. 2,950

est. 59,850

The War

In 1804, several Eularbian merchant and cargo ships were captured by Cadarian pirates off the coasts of Cadary. The ships were plundered and then were sunken, with the crew still onboard. When the Eularbian Commonwealth was notified about these atrocities being committed, Eularbia sent a fleet of Eulumian battleships to look into the ordeal. They were attacked by Cadarian ships shortly after entering the Cadarian coasts. None of the Eulumian ships were sunk during the naval skirmish, but two of the pirate vessels were. Eularbia then sent several more Eulumian ships for the next few months, until the Hassock Empire began to aid the Cadarian Pirates in fending off Eulumian ships. Harbian Aerships were sent to accompany a large warfleet of Eulumia's largest battleships. A large naval battle broke out, but Eularbia had won. After several more skirmishes between Eularbia and the Hassock Empire, the Cadarian Pirates surrendered -- as well as the Hassock Empire.