Caeli Turrim

Big Walker

Basic Information
Affiliation Extrema Caeli
Type Intraugmized tripedal perdial vox
Designer(s) Unknown
Designed N/A
Number built 1 (by 2059)
Used by Extrema Caeli
Height 29.7 meters

PV Caeli Turrim was a large perdial vox used by Extrema Caeli during the Vanburgh War. It is unknown if Extrema Caeli created it or attained it from another party. During its first and only known use, Caeli Turrim was piloted by Garnon Essias and was used to bring immense destruction and havoc to the city. Before it was destroyed in an airstrike, it was able to virtually demolish the eastern side of Vanburgh. 

Caeli Turrim, besides its immense size, has several notable armaments. Most importantly is its "laser eye", which fires a powerful beam of energy capable of burning through concrete and cement. On both sides of the perdial vox, there is a cluster of three rocket launchers. 

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