Carbiinzyne Empire

Carbiinzyne Empire Flag

Political Information
Classification Autocratic monarchy
Currency Friivic Pince
Demonym Carbiinzynian
Official Representation Gryphon
Official Language(s) Friivish (until 1600s), Mor Friivish, Latin
Capital City Lucre
Largest City Nechroden
National Religion Khrasavity
Geographical Description
Continent Baecca

The Carbiinzyne Empire was a largescale empire that existed on western Baecca from when it was founded in 477 until 1826, when it was permanently dissoluted by being absorbed into San Locura. There is only one official successor of the Carbiinzyne Empire: Machinam.

It was founded in 477 by the unification of several Friivobaeccan kingdoms and tribes with the citystate of Lucre. This unification occurred in response to the nearing forces of the Zabaeccan Empire, which had slowly conquered land nearing the Gullet Pass for several decades prior. After the unification of these sociopolitical entities, they amassed their own imperial forces and met Zabaeccan warriors in large battles -- which later became known as the First Visceral Coast War. The Second Visceral Coast War occurred in 890s and was part of the greater conflict known as Great Wars of Baecca -- which ultimately led to the collapse of the Zabaeccan Empire. Through the 1100s until the 1600s, the Carbiinzyne Empire and the Kingdom of Zeiifunder had a relatively tense relationship -- depending on the leadership and priorities of both sovereign states, they would either be adversaries or allies. However, after the founding of Domi Concordia in the Concordian War for Independence, the Carbiinzyne Empire found itself at constant opposition with the new nationstate. However, in 1821, Domi Concordia initiated a full-scale invasion of Carbiinzynian soil -- and in only five years conquered all of the Carbiinzyne Empire's land east of the Visceral Sea; this conflict later became known as the Concordian-Carbiinzyne War. The Carbiinzyne Empire was then easily invaded and annexed by San Locura, as the former had faced economic instability and social unrest. 

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