Casanovus Logo

Basic Information
Type Science research corporation
Parent Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate
Founded Sepreindus I, 2044
Founder Lucas Endswood
Headquarters Ressarya, New Kertas, Harbitros
Area served Harbitros
Key individuals •Adrian Endswood (President)

•Darrell Hanson (CEO)

Fields array Robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, laser technology, plasmafusion, chemistry
Revenue c. $131.5 billion (as of 2100)
Number of employees 6,883 (as of 2100)

Casanovus, Inc., is a Harbian science research corporation founded by Lucas Endswood in the mid-2040s. Though for the first decade of its existence, it studied relatively tame topics such as plasmafusion and chemistry, Casanovus expanded into the innovation and experimentation of lasers, biotechnology, and even eventually nanotechnology. In 2056, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros licensed rights to Casanovus innovate laser technology, especially in the name of Project Prismbeam. This license was later expanded to include all of the Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate. Beginning in 2065, Casanovus has begun research and development in nanotechnology in hopes of outperforming Ekaj Autonetics International in the inevitable profit from the new industry.

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