Celles des Feuilles Project

The flood gate opens

Basic Information
Parent Soviette Department of Paranormal Research
Goal To create florahuman supersoldiers
Date of implementation Brezniik XXV, 1976
Fate Shut down in 1989 due to infrastructural instability in the USR

The Celles des Feuilles Project was a classified Soviette experimentation project carried out between 1976 to 1989. It was unknown to the entire world until Strebor Ekaj mysteriously disappeared in early 2076. Shortly after his disappearance, the Corporatocracy -- now without a top leader -- announced that Ekaj had given authorization to release a series of previously classified documents and secrets to the Harbian public over the next two decades. The first in the batch of unclassification was that of this secret Soviette project. It is unknown if the United Soviette Republics succeeded or failed in their endeavours, though the lack of florahuman supersoldiers may hint at the latter.

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